The Distinguished Service award is limited to individuals who have been members of the division for at least ten years and who have had, in the opinion of the selection committee, a significant and continued impact on the advancement of fuel chemistry through research, teaching, service or a combination of the three over an extended period of time. The award is granted without regard to age, sex or nationality. In addition, no one who has served in any of the following offices in the award year or two prior years is eligible: Past Chair, Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary or Treasurer.

The nominations should be made by contacting the Chair or any member of the Executive Committee prior to the Spring Meeting.

2007 Awards to Kathleen Carrado and Randall Winans

Carraro and Winans

The awards recognize their significant contributions to governance in the Fuel Chemistry Division.
Randall E. Winans (XSD) and Kathleen Carrado Gregar (CNM) have served as officers in the society in
several different capacities. Winans began as treasurer (1983- 1985), served as a trustee in 1987,
then as chair-elect, chair and past chair from 1988-1990. He then was appointed chair of the Strategic
Planning Committee (1993-1995), was elected director-at-large for a three year
term (1995-1998), and has been the division webmaster since 1994. Winans’ service continues as chair of
the Storch Award Selection Committee (2004-current) and also as an elected member to the American Chemical
Society Committee on Science (2006-current).

Carrado Gregar started as a member of the Program Committee in 1994 and served as program chair for
1997. She then was elected to chairelect, chair and past chair from 1998- 2000 followed by a term as directorat-
large. In 2003, she was elected to represent the Fuel Chemistry Division as an ACS national councilor, serving
on the ACS Divisional Activities Committee, and is currently in her second term in that capacity.
Both have also chaired a number of technical symposia for the division. Each received a $1,000 award
during a joint Fuel Chemistry and Petroleum Chemistry Divisional dinner during the national ACS meeting in
Chicago March 27, 2007.

Past Awardees

1987  Shirley Radding
1989  Martin "Bob" D. Schlesinger

1990  Paul Scott

1991  Karl S. Vorres

1993  C. Thomas Ratcliffe

1995  William H. Calkins
1998  Howard  Stephens
2001  Karl S. Vorres
2005  Donald Cronauer

2007 Kathleen Carrado and Randall E. Winans