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Self-assembly, a natural tendency of simple building blocks to organize into complex architectures far from equilibrium is the unique opportunity for materials science. The in-depth understanding of self-assembly paves the way for design of tailored smart materials for emerging energy technologies, with minimal cost and short design cycle. However, self-assembled materials pose an enormously formidable challenge: they are intrinsically complex, with often hierarchical organization occurring on many nested length and time scales. One of our goals will be to establish functional interfaces between biological systems and synthetic soft-matter and solid state technology for energy applications using the concept of self-assembly.

The essential feature of these materials will be that they could be designed to be biodegradable, based on renewable raw materials and tailored to work in a predictable and specific way to meet the future demands of energy and other needs of contemporary society.

Our purpose is to provide a meeting and discussion forum for cross disciplinary research and also, address the needs of a growing bio inspired materials research community across different Argonne divisions.

Research scientists are full-time researchers employed on research projects within the ANL.

December 2010

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