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EV-Smart Grid Integration Research

Argonne researchers provide support to emerging technology development in grid connectivity, bridging the needs of the EV manufacturers and the utilities.

photo of researcher working at a computer in ARgonne National Laboratory's Advanced powertrain Research Facility.

Above: Argonne researcher Jason Harper configures the Electric Vehicle Communication Controller (EVCC) for DC charging.

The focus of this research and development effort is in providing practical applications that enhance the market acceptance of plug-in vehicles and the charging infrastructure, including:

  • Codes and Standards: Helping to develop and refine EV standards to enable smart, convenient, and safe interaction with the electric grid (e.g., ISO/IEC 15118, SAE J1772 [conductive charge coupler], and SAE J2953 [interoperability]).
  • Compact Metrology System: Developing a proof-of-concept device to measure and communicate charge energy. The prototype is a fraction of the size and cost of existing systems.
  • Smart Energy Profile: Developing a gateway to bridge the existing messaging infrastructure used by utilities (SEP 1.1) to SEP 2.0. This includes adapting off-the-shelf hardware for use in field trials to encourage commercial development.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing: Investigating the conducted emissions, radiated emissions, and susceptibility of EV systems and components.
  • Wireless Charging: Developing the test requirements and protocols for the certification of wireless charging systems.
  • Electric Vehicle Communication Controller (EVCC): Creating test methods to evaluate power line communication (PLC) technologies that enable messaging between EVs and EVSE.

Argonne's efforts are directed towards enabling harmonized electrical codes and standards by providing technical expertise to industry for coupler designs, charger hardware solutions, and grid communication protocol validation. Argonne actively participates in majority of relevant SAE committees, chairing several key standards topics, as well as serving as a liaison to ANSI, IEEE, ISO, etc., in these areas of expertise.

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May 2013


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