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Argonne's ABMS tutorials remain popular resources

Charles Macal and Mike North
Argonne researchers Charles Macal (left) and Michael North showcase several of their agent-based models.

At the 2005 Winter Simulation Conference, Argonne researchers Charles Macal and Mike North gave a popular tutorial on agent-based modeling and simulation (ABMS). Seven years later, their talk remains a valuable resource to the modeling community, recently reemerging as the conference website's most popular download over the past six weeks.

The 2005 Argonne tutorial describes the theoretical and practical foundations of ABMS, identifies toolkits and methods for developing ABMS models, and provides some thoughts on the relationship between ABMS and traditional modeling techniques.

Macal and North also have another tutorial registering among the website's top downloads. Their 2007 article on desktop ABMS currently ranks as the 10th most downloaded file.

ABMS is an innovative approach to modeling systems comprised of autonomous, interacting agents. This method is being embraced to further the understanding of complex adaptive systems (CAS), which are fluidly changing collections of distributed interacting components that react to both their environments and to one another. Examples of CAS include the electric power grid, telecommunications networks and biological systems.

For more information, visit Decision and Information Sciences' Complex Adaptive Systems Group webpage.

December 2012

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