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2013 Press Coverage

Chicago Tribune: Navistar, Rivals Win Delay of Tougher Emissions Standards in Colombia

December 22, 2013 -- When Colombia tried narrowing the gap between its emissions standards and those of the United States and Europe, U.S. manufacturers pushed back. In September, the manufacturers won a reprieve. They'll be allowed to sell trucks without pollutant filters in Colombia until January 2015. Thomas Wallner, a mechanical engineer with Argonne's Center for Transportation Research, said the Colombian approach is similar to that of other developing countries. Read more.

Gizmodo: Rare Manhattan Project Photos Show the Birth of the Atomic Age

December 13, 2013 -- The U.S. Department of Energy recently posted 21 previously unknown photos from the Manhattan Project and Chicago Pile-1, the site of the first human-made, self-sustaining nuclear reaction under the west stands of Stagg Field at the University of Chicago. As the supervisior of the chain reaction, physicist Enrico Fermi described the CP-1 as "a crude pile of black bricks and wooden timbers." Read the story.

Scientific American: How Nuclear Power Can Stop Global Warming

December 12, 2013 -- When the Atlantic Navigator docked in Baltimore harbor earlier this month, the freighter carried the last remnants of some of the nuclear weapons that the Soviet Union had brandished in the cold war. During the past 20 years more than 19,000 Russian warheads have been dismantled and processed to make fuel for U.S. nuclear reactors. In fact, during that period more than half the uranium fuel that powered the more than 100 reactors in the United States came from such reprocessed nuclear weapons. Read more.

Sioux City Journal: Ethanol Supporters Say the Numbers Support Their Industry

December 2, 2013 -- Proponents of ethanol have a four-letter response for critics of biofuel: “Bunk.” Monte Shaw, executive director of the Des Moines-based Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, is among a number of vocal ethanol defenders leading the counter-charge. In making his comments, Shaw cited a recent study from Argonne National Laboratory that reported corn ethanol production cuts greenhouse-gas emissions by 34 percent compared to gasoline. Read the story.

BBC: How X-ray Vision Will Fuel Better Car Engines

November 11, 2013 -- When particle accelerators hit the headlines, it's usually when they are used to probe big questions about the fundamental nature of matter, space and time. Less well-known, perhaps, is their use in more down-to-earth science—the kind of research that hopes to have an impact on our day-to-day lives. Jon Stewart of the BBC talks to Argonne researchers who are trying to better understand how modern car engines work, which they hope will help find cleaner, more efficient ways of burning petrol and diesel. Watch the video.

Wall Street Journal: The Future Requires (Better) Batteries

November 11, 2013 -- George Crabtree has a familiar problem. His phone is charged in the morning, but by 4 p.m. it's out of juice. "I find it really annoying to see that it's off and wonder how many calls I've missed," he says. Unlike most of us, though, Mr. Crabtree might be able to do something about it. He directs the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research at Argonne National Laboratory. Argonne is part of a group of labs, universities and companies tasked by a Department of Energy program to design a battery that lasts five times as long and costs one-fifth as much as current batteries—in five years or less. Read more.

New York Times: Harold Agnew, Physicist Present at Birth of the Nuclear Age, Dies at 92

October 2, 2013 -- Harold M. Agnew, the last surviving major figure to have been present at the birth of the nuclear age—a physicist who helped build the world's first reactor and atomic bombs, flew on the first atomic strike against Japan, filmed the mushroom cloud, helped perfect the hydrogen bomb and led the Los Alamos National Laboratory at the height of the cold war—died on September 29th at his home in Solana Beach, Calif. Read more.

BBC: Electric Vehicles: A Universal Plug for All Models?

September 26, 2013 -- How can we meet the demands that more electric vehicles will put on our power supplies and grids? Jon Stewart visits Argonne's EV-Smart Grid Interoperability Center seeking answers about creating common standards for vehicles and charging stations. Read the story and watch the video.

The Atlantic: Why Major Automakers Are Taking a Backseat to Tesla on Self-Driving Cars

September 19, 2013 -- Tesla's Elon Musk has already inflicted serious embarrassment on lumbering carmakers with his profitable and much-hailed Model S electric car. But while they are fighting back in the electric-car race, they seem content for Musk to take the lead with the next big technological advance in transportation—the self-driving car. Why? Read the story.

Forbes: Are EVs Really Green?

August 6, 2013 -- In a recent article in IEEE’s Spectrum magazine, “Unclean at any Speed,” Ozzie Zehner argues that battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are essentially trading one environmental problem for another rather than moving the ball forward on clean transportation. What does Argonne's Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation (GREET) Model have to say about that? Read more.

Chicago Tribune: In Memoriam, Ralph Seidensticker (1931-2013)

July 28, 2013 -- Ralph Seidensticker was considered a pioneer and innovator in the design of nuclear reactors and remained committed to the development of safe nuclear energy throughout his long career as an engineer. As a young man armed with a civil engineering degree in 1955, he was hired by Argonne National Laboratory as the lead engineer in the design of the primary sodium tank for an experimental breeder reactor in Idaho, known as EBR-II. It was the next step in the development of nuclear energy after the first experimental breeder reactor, EBR-I, became the first to produce electricity. Read the obituary.

Chicago Tribune: Automakers Banking on the Electrification of Vehicles

July 25, 2013 -- The auto industry may not be profiting from electric vehicles just yet, but it is banking on the electrification of vehicles.This subtle shift in language is immensely important in comprehending the sustainability forecast of the electric vehicle (EV) industry. “There is a path forward to profitability,” said Mike Tinskey, Manager for Sustainable Activities at Ford. “It just might not be a direct path.” Read more.

Chicago Tribune: U.S., Europe Launch Center for Smart Grids and Plug-in Vehicles

July 22, 2013 -- Last Thursday, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) launched a new facility designed to develop and harmonize interoperability between electric vehicles and the electric charging infrastructure. Agreed to in November, 2011, the EV-Smart Grid Interoperability at Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, Ill., works in concert with the two other interoperability facilities of its kind in Ispra, Italy and The Netherlands, to create global standards and develop technology from the source of the energy all the way down the line to the residential user. Read the story.

NBC News: Escape from New York – NYPD Studies Gas Attack Evacuation Routes

July 9, 2013 -- Researchers from Argonne's Decision and Information Sciences division, Brookhaven National Laboratory, andNew York City law enforcement officials are collaborating on a massive air flow test in the city's subways to help police and health workers respond speedily in the case of an accidental chemical spill or gas-based terrorist attack. Read more.

Chicago Tribune: Group Hopes to Help Aviation Biofuels Move Beyond the Pilot Stage

June 27, 2013 -- Argonne chairs the advisory council of the Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels Initiative, a group working to advance biofuels from the test stage to commercial development. Read the story.

SF Weekly: Warming Up: Muni Starts its Wastefulness Early Every Morning

June 19, 2013 -- Idling buses in the Muni yard is illegal and wasteful. Read the story.

Consumer Reports: Fuel Economy Event Shows Consumers Have a Wide Variety of Car Choices

June 17, 2013 -- At the Consumer Reports "Fuel Economy: Now and in the Future" event last week, the theme was easy to spot: No matter what kind of car you want, you can find one today that gets good gas mileage. And tomorrow, you'll find one that does even better. Read the story.

Electrical Contractor Magazine: E.V. Come Home – Residential electric vehicle charging equipment

June 13, 2013 -- Sustaining an upward trend in EV sales may depend on many factors including charging equipment. Read the story.

StarTribune: In nuclear power, a better way? Here's why.

June 13, 2013 -- A better kind of reactor is essentially a miracle cure in that it dramatically reduces the waste problem. Read the story.

EV World.Com: Pairing Up Batteries, Ultracapacitors for Better Fuel Efficiency

June 10, 2013 -- Maxwell Technologies' Jeremy Cowperthwaite considers the advantages of integrating ultracapacitors and lithium-ion batteries. Read the story.

Greentech Media: Fuel Economy Ratings Fall Short for EVs

May 31, 2013 -- The Environmental Protection Agency's fuel economy measurement system fails to factor in several metrics that could shed light on the fuel efficiency of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, according to Mike Duoba, Vehicle Systems Research Engineer at Argonne National Laboratory. Read the story.

The Hill: Illinois Leading the Way in Nuclear

May 7, 2013 -- Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) discusses how Illinois is leading the way in nuclear energy research with the help of Argonne National Laboratory. Read the story.

Chicago Tribune: Learn about the "Future of Transportation" on June 20

May 7, 2013 -- Argonne OutLoud, the lab's public lecture series, will feature Don Hillebrand, presenting "The Future of Transportation: Reducing our nation's petroleum consumption and the environmental impacts of our vehicles" on Thursday, June 20, 2013. Read the story.

Chicago Tribune: Rep. Lipinski Tours Argonne, Touts New Battery Hub as Jobs Creator

May 7, 2013 -- U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-3), senior member of the House Science, Space & Technology Committee, toured Argonne National Laboratory and met with lab Director Eric D. Isaacs to discuss plans for the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR). Read the story.

Forbes: Fancy New Lids for Nuclear Waste Casks, As Contents Get Hotter

May 2, 2013 -- The Department of Energy and the Electric Power Research Institute are embarking on a four-year, $16 million project to develop instrumented lids that can report on the status of the spent rods inside dry storage casks. Read the story.

NRDC Staff Blog: Five-Year Reunion: Environmental Coalition Weighs in on BP Whiting Water Permit Renewal

May 1, 2013 -- The time has now come for the five-year renewal of the Clean Water Act permit issued to BP in 2007. Read the story.

Yahoo News: Electric Vehicle Market Looks for a Recharge

April 29, 2013 -- JCESR, an "advanced battery hub," was established in 2012 at DoE's Argonne National Laboratory outside Chicago with the far-reaching goal of finding batteries with five times the current energy storage at one fifth the price in five years. Read the story.

NY Times: Gases to Be Dispersed Across City (Exhale: It's a Test)

April 26, 2013 -- On three separate days this July, invisible and odorless gases will be dispersed in the New York City subway stations and at street level to study how airborne toxins would flow through the city after a terrorist attack or an accidental spill of hazardous chemicals. Read the story.

Forbes: Can Caesar Rescue Obama's Energy Legacy?

April 17, 2013 -- The Department of Energy's Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, or JCESR (pronounced "J. Caesar"), is on a five-year mission to develop a battery with five times the energy density of lithium ion, at one-fifth the cost. Read the story.

The Washington Times: Is it time to end ethanol vehicle fuel mandates?

April 16, 2013 -- Lawmakers have introduced legislation calling for major changes in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), eliminating the current mandate to blend 15 billion gallons of corn ethanol into fuel by 2022 and ban ethanol fuel content over ten percent. But are ethanol mandates good public policy? Read the story.

The Conversation: Serious about emissions? It's time to embrace nuclear

April 11, 2013 -- After clear warnings from scientists more than 20 years ago, the issues of human-caused climate change and fossil-fuel-dominated energy should be on the way into the environmental history books. Sadly, they're not, which is why we need a new global movement of nuclear support. Read the story.

World Nuclear News: Life-saving case for nuclear

April 3, 2013 -- A landmark study has put the figure of 1.84 million on the number of lives saved by the worldwide use of nuclear power instead of fossil fuels. The report co-authored by former NASA scientist James Hansen presents a dramatic new case for nuclear energy. Read the story.

San Francisco Chronicle: “I’m a Nuke” Project Launches During Conference for Nuclear Science Students

March 29, 2013 -- The first-ever “I’m a Nuke” video will star nuclear science and technology students who are participating in the American Nuclear Society 2013 Student Conference hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Student Section of the American Nuclear Society. Read the story.

NY Times: Obama Seeks to Use Oil and Gas Money to Develop Alternative Fuel Cars

Mach 15, 2013 -- Warning that the United States risks falling behind in the international race to develop alternative energy, President Obama on Friday proposed diverting $2 billion in revenue from federal oil and gas royalties over the next decade to pay for research on advanced vehicles. Mr. Obama toured a vehicle research facility at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago and then spoke to employees about his plan. Read the story.

Daily Herald: At Argonne, Obama warns federal cuts will hurt research

March 15, 2013 -- The impact of the federal sequester heavily influenced President Barack Obama's speech to scientists at Argonne National Laboratory Friday afternoon, as he painted a bleak picture of American research being outpaced if funding dries up. Read the story.

The Breakthrough: 'Pandora's Promise' Wins Nuclear Converts

March 12, 2013 -- “Pandora’s Promise,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and is expected to open in theaters this summer, earned praise for taking its audience’s nuclear fears head-on. Read the story.

The Washington Post: Bringing green vehicle technology to auto racing

March 4, 2013 -- As a research engineer at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, Forrest Jehlik is focused on improving the technology for vehicles such as plug-in hybrids and electric cars, and increasing the use of alternative fuels that range from compressed natural gas to biofuels. Read the story.

Crain's Chicago Business: Local firm plugs into Argonne battery research

February 25, 2013 -- Navitas Systems LLC announced Monday that its Advanced Solutions Group will work with the Argonne's Joint Center for Energy Storage Research. Read the story.

The Economist: Batteries included? The search for better ways of storing electricity is hotting up

February 2, 2013 -- Kris Pupek, an industrial chemist at Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, near Chicago, waves a tube of white powder in the air emphatically. Read the story.

Chicago Tribune: Argonne scientist also acts on AMC's "Breaking Bad"

January 31, 2013 -- The Tribune visits with Marius Stan. a senior scientist at Argonne National Laboratory who also plays the character "Bogdan" in the popular AMC show "Breaking Bad". Watch the video.

Midwest Energy News: With new battery hub, Chicago seeks to lead nation on electric vehicles

January 25, 2013 -- Advanced batteries are crucial to a cleaner and more efficient energy future, many experts say. Developing better batteries for electric vehicles could replace emissions-spewing trucks, cars and machinery. Read the story.

Chicago Tribune: Argonne stands ready to help Boeing with 787 battery

January 18, 2013 -- Argonne National Laboratory in suburban Lemont stands ready to help Chicago-based Boeing solve its lithium-ion battery problems in the now-grounded 787 Dreamliner model of airplane, the battery expert said Friday. Read the story.

Grand Rapids Business Journal: Argonne lab taps Johnson Controls for battery development

January 18, 2013 -- West Michigan -- already an important area in the state for electrical vehicle battery production -- accepted an expanded role in advanced battery research with the news from the Department of Energy in late 2012 that a new $120 million multi state research effort led by Argonne National Laboratory will include Johnson Controls in Holland. Read the story.

Suburban Life: Eric Isaacs -- Argonne at forefront of research on batteries

January 16, 2013 -- If we can build a better battery, we can change the world. That statement may seem overblown if you think of batteries only as minor necessities -- little cylinders that power children's toys, flashlights and laptop computers. Read the story.

Slate: The Pro-Nukes Environmental Movement

January 14, 2013 -- Many in the environmental community say that renewable energy is a viable solution to the climate problem. Read the story.

Nature: Tough talk over mercury treaty

January 9, 2013 -- Governments are on the verge of agreeing the first legally binding, global treaty to tackle mercury pollution. Argonne's Dave Streets is quoted. Read the story.

Chicago Tonight: Scientific Chicago discusses Argonne-led battery hub

January 8, 2013 -- A multi-partner team led by Argonne National Laboratory has been selected by the Department of Energy for an award of up to $120 million over five years to establish a new Batteries and Energy Storage Hub. Read the story.

Daily Herald: Battery dream team will spark innovations in cars, grid

January 7, 2013 -- Imagine an electric car that costs less than $40,000 and runs on a battery which doesn't fill half the vehicle. Read the story.

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