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Press Coverage 2011

  • Medill Reports: Illinois electricity IQ charges ahead. Next stop - smart grid. Link. PDF.
  • Valley Courier: Salazar releases modified solar roadmap. Link. PDF.
  • IBT Times UK: Luminescent concentrators could boost solar. Link. PDF.
  • EnergyBoom: Argonne National Lab ups solar efficiency via luminescent solar concentrators. Link. PDF.
  • ElectroIQ: New solar cell technology gives light waves amnesia. Link. PDF.
  • Clever Apes: Trick of the light. Link. PDF.
  • The Future of Things: New techniques for solar cells. Link. PDF.
  • Renewable Energy Focus: The biggest challenge, part 3 (page 18). Link. PDF.
  • CoolerPlanet: New process for generating cost of solar power. Link. PDF.
  • EnergyBiz: Modeling solar costs. Link. PDF.
  • Smarter Technology: Modeling effort estimates financial uncertainties and risks of solar generation. Link. PDF.
  • R&D: Inorganic semiconductor made with "ink" may reduce PV costs. Link. PDF.
  • Renewable Energy Focus: Sunshot takes aim at PV costs (page 36). Link. PDF.
  • Renewable Energy Focus: Insights on renewables (page 44). Link. PDF.
  • Nanotech Now: Nanoparticles help scientists harvest light with solar fuels. Link. PDF.
  • Renewable Energy Focus: Calculating the True Cost of Solar Electricity. Link. PDF.
  • Renewable Energy Focus: US $1/Watt (page 20). Link. PDF.
  • Refocus: "Out of the Box" described PV research (page 48). Link. PDF.
  • SolarNovus: Calculating Solar Technology Costs Beyond Dollars per Watt. Link. PDF.
  • SolarServer: DOE, Gartner urge use of LCOE metric to replace dollars per watt for PV. Link. PDF.
  • R&D: New instructive approach calculates lifetime solar energy cost. Link. PDF.
  • RSC Chemistry World: The true cost of getting energy from the sun. Link. PDF.

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News & Highlights

  • Chicago State University Students Collaborate in Research to Help Produce Artificial Solar "Fuel" Energy. Link. PDF.


  • YouTube: The Search for the ANSER documentary
  • YouTube: Argonne tackles solar energy


  • Solar Energy Research at Argonne (pdf)

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