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Grid integration with variable resources

High penetration of renewable generation such as solar can pose a monumental challenge to power system operators in grid management and generation scheduling. The inherent intermittency and variability of renewable resources require that current industry practices, such as the day-ahead scheduling of generation resources and the economic dispatch of these resources in real-time, be altered.  Without these modifications, current practices will not be able to accommodate large and uncertain changes in the amount of renewable energy that is injected into the grid.

To help schedulers and dispatchers reliably manage the grid, Argonne system modelers and analysts are developing a new software tool that will help grid operators efficiently schedule (commit) units for operation during the next day under an uncertain renewable energy production forecast. The physical constraints of dispatchable units included in the software include details such as minimum and maximum operating levels, hourly up and down ramp constraints and minimum-on and minimum-off time constraints.

March 2010


Tom Veselka


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